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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 pm

ao3 | ff.net | twitter | tumblr | creative journal | fic recs | dw

everything here is locked nowadays. my fannish spam and
commentary is mainly on tumblr, so this lj is for personal posts
and thoughts on things both in and out of fandom. just tell me where
you followed me from or why you're stopping by and I'll likely add you. :)
mood: contentcontent

I'm known as meggannn on pretty much every other website so I figured I'd make the change so it's easier for people to recognize me when I'm fooling around on LJ.

Also, a friends cut. I basically just... wanna clean this journal up? I know there's a lot of people I don't talk to anymore so I feel we could part ways here if you don't, like, care about me anymore (or if you don't even remember me, since I know it's been a while). If we talk on other sites regularly then I'll keep you, naturally, but if you wanna stay with me just let me know in a comment. Or let me know if you wanna be taken off. No hard feelings either way, of course.

You can always find/friend/follow me over here, too:(Like I said, meggannn is my usual handle nowadays... my LJ was out of date.)